RT @MissKlein_CWPA: Half way through One World Science week at @ChurchwoodPA and we are loving it in Y4! Our books are bursting with resear… RT @Miss_Dodd_CWPA: Some fabulous book themed cakes from my @ChurchwoodPA class! Some fabulous and inventive creations #EveryoneCan #GetHas RT @MissKlein_CWPA: Next week SATs week is upon us! @ChurchwoodPA Year 6s have worked so incredibly hard this year (and every year!) - rega… RT @MrsHudson_CWPA: What a fantastic day with Y2 @ChurchwoodPA ! We've seen such a lot of animals - penguins, lemurs, sloths, capybaras, mo… RT @MrsHudson_CWPA: A fantastic start to the term in Year 2 @ChurchwoodPA and we really enjoyed today's book recommendation too! #CinderTh RT @MrsHudson_CWPA: Thank you to our wonderful fundraisers @ChurchwoodPA for helping us celebrate Mothers Day! https://t.co/vT7rpBYOp2 RT @Miss_Dodd_CWPA: Very proud of our @ChurchwoodPA Half Marathon hero @MissWalder! She definitely is a true Churchwood Champion! Couldn’t… RT @Miss_Dodd_CWPA: How cool is it when @ChurchwoodPA pupils are on @bbcsoutheast tonight? #GetHastingsReading @MissKlein_CWPA @MissWalder RT @MissWalder: Enjoying marking some excellent news articles by the year 5 children @ChurchwoodPA after book week! https://t.co/86H6QOdGbL RT @MissKlein_CWPA: A truly brilliant Book Week at @ChurchwoodPA I cannot wait to see everyone's Charlotte's Web themed work on Monday! Y4…

Welcome to Churchwood Primary Academy

We provide education for children between the ages of two and eleven in a creative way that inspires and motivates children to learn. Our Vision is At Churchwood Everyone Can ~ Everyone Can Read; Everyone Can Write; Everyone Can Be Numerate. As such we have high expectations of each child to achieve well and we pride ourselves on having an ethos that promotes learning in a caring, supportive environment. We respect each child as an individual, guiding and supporting them to reach their full potential. Through high quality teaching and learning our children develop knowledge and skills giving them confidence, independence, determination and ambition which will shape their futures.

We are situated in the picturesque setting of Church Wood. We have a large playing field, our own Forest School, a Woodland Playground and two acres of beautiful woodland. We have up to 300 children who are organized into single age classes including our thriving Nursery.

Churchwood is committed to working in partnership with our parents. Through working with you as a team your support and feedback helps us to keep improving. We will work tirelessly to ensure that we aim high and achieve together.

Please contact us if you would like the opportunity to experience life at Churchwood first–hand ~ seeing is believing!

Ros Collett