Teaching Staff

Mrs R Collett Principal
Mrs J Bodiam Vice Principal
Miss N Dodd Upper Academy Leader, Year 6 Teacher
Miss M Walder Year 5 Teacher
Miss L Klein Year 4 Teacher
Mr E Gillham Year 3 Teacher
Mrs A Hudson Middle Academy Leader, Year 2 Teacher
Mrs L Vincent Year 1 Teacher
Miss H Gibson EYFS Academy Leader, Reception Teacher
Miss N Pitts Nursery Teacher & Nursery Leader
Mrs J Oakman SENDCo
Mrs C O'Leary PPA Teacher
Mr M Cole Maths Tutor
Mr G Coldwell Violin Teacher

Speech and Language Therapist

Miss B Search Advanced Speech and Language Therapist

Parent Support Advisor

Mrs S Gilbert Parent Support Advisor
Mrs R Veal Attendance Officer

Support Staff

Mrs R Smolska PA to Principal
Mrs C Dyer Academy Business Manager
Miss M Earwaker Academy Administrator
Mrs D Cook Secretary
Mrs H Mills Receptionist
Mrs N Manning Nursery Administrator
Mrs N Holland Learning Platform Administrator

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Williams Teaching Assistant (Senior SALTA)
Mrs S Fryer Teaching Assistant (SALTA)
Mrs S Warren Teaching Assistant (TA3)
Mrs M Clark Teaching Assistant (TA3)
Mrs G Clement Teaching Assistant (TA3)
Ms D Walsh Teaching Assistant (TA3)
Mrs E Green Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Tofiq Teaching Assistant
Miss H Haffenden Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Holland Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Bell Teaching Assistant
Mrs J North Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Mann Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Dormer Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs N Holland Lead Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs D Tofiq Lead Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs M Clark Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs E Green Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs G Clements Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss H Haffenden Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Fryer Lunch Club Supervisory Assistant
Mrs K Williams Lunch Club Supervisory Assistant
Ms J Terrell MDSA and After School Club Assistant
Mrs D Batkin Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs C Rudge Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs H Walker Bank Midday Supervisory Assistant
Ms J North Bank Midday Supervisory Assistant
Ms A Bayer Bank Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs A Curtis Bank Midday Supervisory Assistant

Individual Needs Assistants

Mrs C Rudge Individual Needs Assistant (TA3)
Mrs D Batkin Individual Needs Assistant


Miss N Pitts Nursery Lead, Teacher
Ms J Abel Nursery Teacher, Forest School
Mrs C Davis Nursery Practitioner
Miss T Colvin Nursery Practitioner
Miss N Pearson Nursery Practitioner
Ms L Turk Nursery Practitioner
Miss J Robinson Nursery Practitioner
Mrs H Walker Nursery Practitioner

Extended Schools

Miss H Mann Extended School Co-ordinator
Mrs E Green Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs D Tofiq Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs L O'Brien HUB Assistant
Mrs J Terrel Hub Assistant

Catering Staff

Mrs B Bain Catering Staff
Mrs E Livingstone Catering Staff
Mrs T Armstrong Catering Staff
Mr M Miller Catering Staff

Property and Grounds

Mr P Turner Facilities Manager
Ms A Bayer Assistant Caretaker