Our curriculum combines high standards with a broad, rich and creative curriculum. There is continuity and progression, challenge and pace.

If we think back to our childhood years our most vivid memories will be of experiences that affected us emotionally. Experiences stay with us for life.

Churchwood School is passionate about bringing learning to life for all children. We believe this is possible by providing exciting, stimulating first hand experiences that enthuse, motivate and immerse children in their learning. We are keen to use our schools rich locality to develop their understanding of, and pride in, the world around them.

We are determined that our 'Everyone Can' curriculum nurtures all children so that their many talents and skills are brought to life and celebrated. We truly believe that through working with children in this way high quality learning occurs, and a lifelong love of learning can be fostered. We know that powerful learning will only occur when our children are fully immersed in a truly creative curriculum that inspires and touched their emotions.

Underpinning our ‘Everyone Can Curriculum’ are the basic skills of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. These are taught in depth and have a central place in our curriculum delivery through using and applying in interesting contexts.

Please speak to your child's class teacher for more information about your child's curriculum.

Curriculum details: