What are the causes of poor attendance?

  • Illness
  • Medical appointments
  • Holidays
  • Poor routines
  • Lack of sleep
  • Unhappiness at school
  • Unrest at home    

Does regular attendance really matter? Yes!

  • Children are much more likely to achieve their full learning potential when they regularly attend school.
  • Children feel confident and part of the class with regular attendance.
  • They are less likely to have friendship worries.
  • Much of the work children miss when they are off school is never made up, leaving them at a considerable disadvantage to their peers.

How can school help?


We ask that parents bring children in if they are ‘a bit under the weather'. Often, children perk up at school and enjoy their day.

Medical appointments

We request that parents make medical appointments outside of school hours, i.e. in the holidays or after school has finished for the day.


Do not authorise holidays.

Poor routines

Talk with parents and advise them about good routines. We have a Parent Support Advisor at school who can offer help and support.

Lack of sleep

Talk with the Parent Support Advisor.

Unhappiness at school

Liaise with teachers, Principal, Parent Support Advisor.

How can parents help?

  • Talk to the school
  • Always remain positive about school
  • Be a great role model
  • Encourage

Does good punctuality matter? Yes!

  • Children arriving even 5 minutes late are at a disadvantage because the teacher has already started listing the day’s goals and objectives.
  • The  most crucial learning  hours  of  a  school day are the morning hours because this is when children are most attentive.
  • Children arriving  to  school  with  time to  spare  are  able  to  settle into class  without  being  rushed, and  they start the day in a  happy, calm manner.
  • Children  get  used  to  the  routine of  coming  into  school  with  their peers  and  starting the  day  together.
  • Children  hate  arriving  late.

How can the school help?

  • Either myself or the Parent Support Advisor (Sarah Gilbert) have visual aids to help children with their morning routine
  • We can also make tick/sticker charts to encourage children to arrive at school on time. Please just ask!


Our 'Rolling Start'

In September 2015, the new ‘Rolling Start’ was introduced. Pupils can go straight into their classrooms at 8.50 and start work. Tables are set out and the children know what and where to go. The register is called and doors are shut at 8.55.

In Reception class, the children are given a coloured table at the start of the year. This will remain their table during Busy Bee Time. Children learn very quickly where they are meant to be and what activity they have planned.