Speech and Language

We have a number of tools and techniques to support pupils with speech and language development. Find out more below.

Speech and Language difficulties

Below is the Language Development Pyramid. The skills need to be learned at the bottom before skills at the top can be developed. These are the areas a Speech and Language Therapist will consider during an assessment.

Speech and Language difficulties involve a delay (typical of a younger child) or disorder (non-typical presentation at any age) in the areas of play, social communication, understanding others when they talk or give instructions, talking (using vocabulary and grammar) and pronouncing sounds in words. Speech, Language and Communication skills are vital to learning at school and nursery and it is important that any difficulties with speech and language are identified as early as possible to ensure the appropriate support is in place.

Concerns about your child's speech, language and communication needs?

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech, language and communication needs or think that your child may have Specific Language Impairment, please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs O’Leary (SENCO) or your child’s class teacher. You can also request a meeting with the school’s Speech and Language Therapist (Miss Search).

Please see speech and language norms and progress checker on the Talking Point website.

Our Speech and Language staff

A photo of Miss Search

Miss Search, Speech and Language Therapist

Miss Search is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist. She is committed to developing children’s language and helping them to make their potential to ensure they are ready to learn in the classroom. Her job is to observe and assess children with suspected difficulties with play, social communication, listening, understanding, using vocabulary and producing sentences and pronunciation.

Following this assessment a report is written and this will be shared with the child’s parents and teacher/other professionals involved in supporting the child to learn. Miss Search will then create a management plan for the child with targets set to help them to develop speech and language skills and will work on these targets with the children in therapy sessions.

Parents will be able to attend therapy sessions at school or nursery and can be provided with resources to work on targets at home. Miss Search also completes training sessions with parents and teaching staff to ensure that everyone around the child understands how best to support children’s speech and language needs.

A photo of Mrs Williams

Mrs Williams, Senior Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Mrs Williams is our Senior Speech and Language Therapy Assistant and works with children on targets set by the Speech and Language Therapist. She also completes other programmes such as Narrative Therapy, Lego Therapy and Phonological Awareness groups under the direction of the speech therapist. Therapy completed with the children is largely play-based and involves reward systems and a visual structure to help motivate and engage children.

Mrs Williams also uses Makaton signing and Communicate in Print resources to support language learning. Mrs Williams is dedicated to supporting children to make progress and reach their targets in therapy.

A photo of Mrs Fryer

Mrs Fryer, Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Mrs Fryer is the newest member of the Speech and Language Therapy Team at Churchwood Primary Academy. Mrs Fryer is passionate about supporting children to develop essential speech and language skills. Like Mrs Williams, she works under the direction of Miss Search and completed targets in therapy sessions with children through fun and motivated game-based formats.